Horse riding holidays in Morocco

The Knights of Essaouira

Horse trek in loop with departure and arrival at our stables in Diabat, a small Berber village at 3 km from Essaouira.
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 1
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 2
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 3
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 4
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 5
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 6
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 8
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 9
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 10
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 11
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 13
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 14
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 15
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 16
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 17
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 19
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 20
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 21
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 22
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 24
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 25
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 26
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 27
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 28
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 29
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 30
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 31
  • Essaouira horse riding trail 32
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  • A discovery of the hinterland and small traditional Berber villages and a ride along the Atlantic coast with cliffs, deep gorges and valleys, dunes, cascades, dam, small fishermen villages and long beaches
  • Zerrar dam and it lake surrounded by a luxurious vegetation
  • Swimming with the horse between May and September and canter on the beach
    Durations and prices/person:
  • Horse trek alone: 6 days in the saddle / 5 nights in camp | 685€
  • Horse trek with return transfers and 2 nights in riad: 8 days / 7 nights, including 6 days in the saddle / 5 nights in camp | 795€ for Marrakech airport
  • Possibility to extend your stay with additional nights in camp or in riad | Extra nights: contact us

Horse trail day after day

This 6-day horse trek in Morocco crosses day by day argan tree forests, small traditional Berber villages, a dam and its lake, gorges and valleys, small mountains, fields of dunes, wide beaches and cliffs along the Atlantic coast to offer huge views on the ocean, punctuated of small fishermen villages. The cavalcade in Morocco starts and ends in Essaouira.

Day 1: Arrival at Marrakesh (Marrakech) or Agadir and transfer to your riad in Essaouira for your overnight stay (2h45 and 3h30, respectively). Enjoy dinner (not included) with your fellow riders and discuss the trail ahead. Night in riad.
Day 2: After the breakfast, meeting at 9.30 am in the riad and transfer to Diabat (15 min drive). Meeting with the staff and first contact with the horses. Departure. We will follow a river (Ksob oued) surounded by abundant vegetation and we will take the direction of the village named El Ghazoua that we will cross. We will then reach the largest forest of argan trees of the area which extends from Essaouira to Agadir. Picnic at the bank of a river, in the shade of the argan trees. After some rest, we will continue to cross the forest and go up and down by small mountains, being careful not walk on the turtles!! We will take the direction of Ida Ou Gourd and see some traditional berber houses and fields. After a gallop on the paths, we will arrive to our camp (bivouac) which is located close to the ruins of an old sugar factory made from mud and straw. Diner and night in tent.
Day 3: In the morning, we will cross a small village and we will take broad paths bordered of argan trees and fields. According to the season, we will be able to attend the ploughings, still carried out with donkeys and/or cows. We will arrive towards a charming valley, and take a path to ascent a small mountain. Our lunch will be served up the mountain and we will have a beautiful view on the valley. In the afternoon, we will cross a mountainous area and a splendid plateau with lot of fields and cultures. Direction Neknafa, we will ride along Zerrar dam and its lake surrounded of luxurious flora. Our final stop will be in Aïntizeril where our bivouac is located.
Day 4: Early wake-up because this will be the longest day on horseback of the week! In the morning, we will climb a mountain, passing through a river bed and see a marabout, a small berber village located on the top of a small mountain which is also famous for its marabouts and traditional healers. Then we will walk and gallop along the paths bordered by fields. A short walk will take place to get down the mountain. A last gallop on a path and we will arrive in a little village with a source to make the horses drink during lunch time. In the afternoon, we will alternate gorges, canyons and fields in direction of Argana where our bivouac is. Visit of a feminine argan oil cooperative where we will learn how to produce it and discuss with the women.
Day 5: In the morning, we will cross a small Berber village then a plateau located between small hills, along the coast. After being gone down in the middle of a small valley, we will join “the source” where we will lunch with the team. After lunch, we will spend time in the fields, on paths. In the late afternoon, we will appreciate an extraordinary panorama with a unspoilable view on the sea. We will arrive at the small village of fishermen of Ifthane. We will go on the beach and enjoy walking in the sea with the horses. After a good gallop on the beach (small deserted creek), we will go up on the cliff dominating the sea where our camp is located.
Day 6: In the morning, we will cross fields and small villages located in all along the sea. We will take the direction of the cascades of Sidi Embark where we will lunch. The latter flow into the sea. Possibility to swim (in the falls or the sea). After lunch, we will go along the superb deserted beaches and the immense dunes of sand, where we will appreciate long gallops. We will cross a small village of fishermen. Arrival in the camp in early afternoon, located on one of the beaches of the village of Sidi Kaouki. If the weather is nice, possibility to swim with the horses or alone. Night in tent.
Day 7: After breakfast in front of the sea, return towards Diabat while going along the beaches. We will pass in front of the small lighthouse of the Cap Sim. After having left the beaches, we will cross the dunes and a forest of eucalyptus and mimosas. Arrival in Diabat in the late afternoon while passing by the ruins of the palace of the Sultan. Transfer to the riad in Essaouira. Diner not included, night in riad.
Day 8: Meeting at the riad and transfer to Marrakesh (Marrakech) (2h45) or Agadir airport (3h30).

Included with Zouina Cheval: High standard level in the camps during the trek (pleasant dining tent, shower tent with hot water, chemical loo in a separate tent). Possibility to sleep in groups under the big Moroccan tent or isolated in igloo tents. The camp is moved on each day. Foam mattresses are supplied but you will need to bring a sleeping bag and camping pillow. At lunch, the meals will be served by our cook (except on the last 2 days where there is a picnic) in the shade. The break is long enough to recover. Bottles of water are provided daily by the staff. Saddle bags will be provided to keep personal equipment (camera, sun cream...) during the rides. Transportation of material and equipment with a support vehicle. You will have an access to your luggage each day for lunch (except on the last day).

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