Camel Rides & Treks - Essaouira

Camel rides Essaouira

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First, let us introduce you to some of our camels ...

They are quietly waiting for you, lying on the ground, the forelegs folded under them, so that you can sit on their saddle, specially designed for camel rides, combining comfort and safety. You are comfortably seated ? Then ready to go, ask your camel to stand up - thrills guaranteed ! And let's start the adventure !

On the beaches of Essaouira and at the heart of the forest, Zouina Cheval welcomes you for camel rides and camel treks.

This strange animal will rapidly charms you with his intelligence and his softness!


If you want some exoticism during your holidays, do not hesitate to contact us for a ride or a trek with our camels. They can be ridden by two persons in the same time and the children will be totally safe on their back.


In small or large group, the camel ride is adapted to all!

Brahim, votre guide pour les balades  dromadaire

Balade  dromadaire - plage d'Essaouira




Our prices for the rides on the beach and forest


Duration of the ride

1 person per camel

2 persons per camel

1 h

from 15 - 160 dhr

from 22 - 240 dhr

1h30 from 19 - 200 dhr from 28 - 300 dhr

2 h

from 22 - 240 dhr

from 33 - 350 dhr

2h + picnic from 32 - 350 dhr from 50 - 550 dhr


from 26 - 290 dhr

from 40 - 440 dhr

3h + picnic from 38 - 420 dhr from 55 - 600 dhr

Day + picnic

from 55 - 600 dhr

from 80 - 870 dhr


The meharian adventure

balade  dromadaire - coucher du soleil Essaouira

- 3h afternoon ride + diner and night in camp, from 90 - 980 dhr

- Diner and night in camp + 2h morning ride, from 85 - 930 dhr

- 3h afternoon ride + diner and night in camp + 2h morning ride, from 110 - 1200 dhr

- Day with picnic + diner and night in camp, from 120 - 1300 dhr

Diner in the Moroccan tent

Camel ride on the beach and in the forest - Dinner, night and breakfast in a Moroccan tent near the sea (tents and mattresses provided but not sleeping bags).


Finally, to stay in group, in family or with friends, we can organize multi-activity treks, meaning to mix horses and camels. By this way, the non-riders can discover Morocco with their friends. In this case, 2 guides, one for each activity, will come with you.

Contact us for more information